tailored FINANCIAL solutions

Seeking start-up capital, working or growth capital?

Our firm specializes in researching, evaluating, and calculating true business opportunities. We take the time to understand, assess, and learn the needs of our clients before providing real solutions. Whether a simple business line of credit or large acquisition transaction, we are here to support all of our clientele in any financial aspect of business. Our funding partners have vast experience in investing across all industries

Starting a new company? Own an existing business?

Our entrepreneurial spirit burns fiercely and bright. We appreciate the ones who follow their passion, turn a dream into a reality, and change the world. While we assist with all solutions financial, our sister company - Set Sail Ventures - helps clients with all other aspects of business. SSV assists with everything from business formation, logo design, website creation & optimization, executive recruiting, as well as structuring, implementing, and deploying sophisticated operational and marketing strategies. Set Sail Ventures is the full service boutique consulting arm of MC.

"Through a tremendous amount of hard work, discipline, and passion, most anything is possible. Our goal is to assist clients with the other facets of business to ensure goal achievement and vision execution."

- Brian Masterson